Mount Tomorr Hiking

hiking mount tomorr

Mount Tomorr Hiking


    Mount Tomorr is great way to experience hiking in Albania. A 4x4 trip to the top provides rural Albania views, clean nature, and the summit holds a Bektashi shrine to the brother of Imam Husain, Abbas ibn Ali. (Each August thousands of faithful followers make a pilgrimage to this shrine.)

Elevation: 2,416m

Fitness Level: Light to Medium

Tour Length: 4 hours

Guide Only:

1-4 people: 20€

5-10 people: 40€

10+ people: 60€

Guide and Transport (Group of 4 maximum): 80€


mount tomorr tour vehicle
Mount Tomorr 4x4
  mount tomorr hiking road
Mount Tomorr Road
  mount tomorr flowers
Mount Tomorr Flowers and Tea

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Mount Tomorr Snow
  mount tomorr Bektashi shrine
Mount Tomorr Shrine
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Mount Tomorr Bektashi Order