Albanian Tourist's Family!


Company Background

     Albanian Tourist was founded on August 6th, 2010, after a seaside, engagement proposal by "Andrew" (American) to "Eneleida" (Albanian), in Northeastern Canada. Andrew and Eneleida's decision to create Albanian Tourist resulted from their courtship days of exploring Albania and wanting to share this beautiful experience with the world. Additionally Andrew and Eneleida married in Berat, Albania on June 5th, 2011 and brought 21 American and Canadian family members (Andrew's side) around Albania involving traditional, wedding festivities, delicious foods, and adventure travel!


Company Philosophy

     The goal of Albanian Tourist is to create an enjoyable travel environment for the emerging nation of Albania. Albania is a "young tourism country" and creating a high quality tourism structure for Albania is our goal. Also the staff of Albanian Tourist would like the world to take a fresh look at Albania and explore it's unique culture, foods, mountains, beaches, and customs. We additionally seek to be the highest quality and respected tourism service provider in Albania.

(Note: Albanian Tourist focuses on tourism in Albania while giving back to Albanians through employment or charitable means. Additionally our staff is 95% Albanian and we look for partners who have honesty and respect for clients and enjoy improving Albania. This, we believe, will encourage more people to see the splendor of Albania and the Albanian people.)


AlbanianTourist Staff

albanian tourism staff   albanian tourism staff   albanian tourism staff

Eneleida Bojaxhiu Mazzotta


Gentiana Vodica


Paola Bojaxhi

     Eneleida is "proud to be the Marketing Manager" for AlbanianTourist. Recently Eneleida was hiking the central coast of Albania, with the "High Mountain Club of Albania", networking with tour guides, photographers, and hotel operators. During the Fall/Spring, Eneleida studies nursing in New York.        Gentiana is Albanian Tourist's Tourism Ambassador for Berat. Alongside her joyous duty of being a mother to two great children and a full time teacher she constantly unearths the beauty of Berat, the "Museum City of Albania". Gentiana's territory is one of the most special in all of Albania.        Paola is another wonderful Tourism Ambassador for AlbanianTourist. Her territory is the busy port and beach area of Durres. Paola spends time finding Durres tourism highlights while completing her final years of medical school. Additionally Paola brings fresh eyes to the growing list of AlbanianTourist staff!
albanian tourism staff        

Andrew Mazzotta

     Andrew is Albanian Tourist's website and tourism package coordinator. Daily duties range from updating photos, videos, and tourism hot-spots to educating Albanian tour guides how to improve their tourism scheduling. Albania is a young, tourism nation and Andrew is "up to the task!"