Trip Planning for Albania

     Albania is a country rich in adventure and relaxation. Many visitors enjoy small hikes, horse-back riding, rock climbing, snorkeling, shopping, sun-bathing, cafe breaks, and much, much more. Here are some ideas below which such keep all visitors to Albania in high spirits!


trip planning albania boating  

Boating and Ferry Rides

     Most visitors to any part of the world bring a light jacket. Sometimes a light jacket with waterproofing is an asset. Many times in Albania a traveler gets inspired to see the unknown beauty of the country and quickly fills their time with boating adventures. These are Albania's Northern specialities so being prepared to be on an open deck, even though most inland ferries have enclosed lounges before, as the world around you can be breath-taking.

sunbathing saranda albania  


     For those who have not visited the Adriatic or Mediterranean countries, the sun can be a friend which blankets you in light but mistreats your skin quickly. AlbanianTourist always recommends to visitors to bring a sun hat, sunscreen above 20 SPF, drink lots of fresh water, and enjoy the sun responsibly. Albanian sunshine is one of the greatest pleasures in the Adriatic as the warm and cool breeze can captivate. Be sun safe!

trip planning albania castles  

Castle Adventures

     Albania is filled with castles! Trip planning here would require adequate shoes to walk the long, stone roads to the castle doors if a taxi is not hired. (Castle note: long, single routes to castle entrances were a defense mechanism. A very necessary piece of the defensive architecture.) Also be sure to bring something to eat as Albania is slowly installing food options within their 2,000+ year old castles. Lastly, a sun hat and water bottle are recommendations as climbing staircases, walking court yards, and relaxing near look-outs are usual events.

albanian trip planning museums  


     Museum development in Albania is modernizing quickly. The days of poor building construction for the arts and related are being upgraded for newer, fresher interiors. As with many museums of quality around the Balkan areas museum pieces with native languages and English are visible along with well ventilated spaces. (German visitors will be delighted that some major museums use their language along with internationally recognized American English.)

childcare albania trip planning  

Childcare Facilities

     As Albania grows with international tourism, so grows the service sector some are accustomed to in other tourist locations. Similar to Spain, Italy, and parts of Greece, there are numerous children's playrooms and nurseries here in the tourist hot spots of Albania. These are always a delight for AlbanianTourist to recommend as the past images of Albania throughout the world would not lend to belief that the country has progressed to such a level. Thanks to globalization though and Albania growing economically in spite of the rest of Europe declining from 2008 to the present, entertaining children in indoor playgrounds is part of Albanian culture now.

albanian hiking trekking  

Hiking and Trekking

     Albania is home for hikers! From the alps in the North to the Southern tip, Albania has places few travelers have ever set foot. Each part of Albania has a place to rock climb, hike, trek, tent safely, or merely rent a car to see an amazing, untouched landscape. Preparation of good shoes for light hiking or mountain boots for trekking across alps are a must. AlbanianTourist also recommends for any serious hikers or trekkers to bring the usual 1 liter water bottle, proper nutritious for strenuous exercise, and possibly an extra food bar just in case a missed ride or planned bus departure is missed.

albanian disco  

Disco and Dancing

     An Albanian sport! Albanians are disco or club happy people. Although traditional ring dancing is still popular among most Albanians, clubbing or organized dance parties are common for the younger generation. Most of these youths dress in fashion usual seen in Greece or Italy and always enjoy seeing a foreigner along side them. Also be aware that the entertainment might be from your country now as Albania is the new international tourist attraction!