Travel Tours of Albania



      Albanian Tourist tours range from walking tours to mountain climbing to relaxing in Albanian clear waters. We desire to immerse tourists into Albanian life, culture, natural wonders, and hidden treasures. Come join the experiences which many around the world have enjoyed!


Example Tour Ideas


national museum tirana albania  

1 Day Events

     Albania has an impressive list of day trips to enjoy. Guided walking tours, mountain treks, wine tours, white-water rafting, or museum trips are among them. Additionally, local immersion dinners are our favorite events as true Albanian culture can be seen up-close.




2-3 Day Events

     Multi-day tours are a great way to experience Albania and also useful for travelers wanting to be gradually immersed into Albania before going out on their own. Multiple city tours can be accomplished or "multiple landscape" tours of beaches, cities, and nature adventures mixed. (Note: If any party would like unique travel tours, Albanian Tourist prides itself on accomplishing them.)

  albanian tourism climbing


Specialty Tours - Museums

kruja museum