Scuba Diving in Albania


     "one of the world’s least explored underwater coastlines, lies a wealth of treasures: ancient amphorae — long, narrow terracotta vessels — that carried olive oil and wine along trade routes between North Africa and the Roman Empire..."

Elena Becatoros, Associated Press

Date: August 2017

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Dhermi Beach


     "The tourist potential of the coast and mountain areas of Albania is exceptional... Albania has been ranked as the first country to travel to in 2016 by Gazette Review..."

Sami Shiba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Albania to Saudi Arabia

Date: May 2016

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Beautiful Permet


     Permet is known for its hospitality, regional foods, and beautiful surroundings. Benjë Thermal Waters and Katiu Bridge are located 8 km from Permet. Enjoy small thermal lakes with varying temperatures and eventful hikes!

Location: Permet

Date: March 2016

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Apollonia has Improved!


     Apollonia was an ancient Greek city in Illyria. Its ruins are situated in the Fier region, near the village of Pojani. Apollonia was founded in 588 BCE by Greek colonists from Corfu and surrounding on a site initially occupied by Illyrian tribes.

Location: Apollonia

Date: December 2015

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Night Life of Berat


     "Like the rest of the Balkans and much of the Mediterranean, cafe culture rules and so does the evening stroll. As soon as the sun begins to set and temperatures turn livable again, it seems like everyone comes out for the evening to stroll down the street and sit at cafes. No matter how old or young you are, you’re there. It’s what people do." Adventurous Kate

Location: Berat

Date: October 2015

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Beautiful Thethi!


     Thethi is a dreamy place for short and long mountain hikes, warm summer sun, fresh air, and re-living the old times. Many summer tourists have enjoyed Thethi's charm with hot bread for breakfast, eggplant and feta lunches, and lamb dinners in century old houses!

Location: Thethi

Date: September 2015

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Summer 2015 - Albania!


     The summer weather is in full swing in Albania! Visitors from around the world have been enjoying seaside meals, cool mountain hikes, museum tours, and most importantly Albanian culture!

Location: Dhërmi

Date: August 2015

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Pope to visit Albania (September)


    In September, Albania will be the first European country to be visited by Pope Francis. Pope Francis will pay tribute to those who suffered under past communism with present after affects. Trip details start in the capital of Tirana on September 21.

Note: Communism totally collapsed in Albania in the early 1990s and the late Pope John Paul II visited shortly after. Albania looks forward the visit by Pope Francis.

Date: July 2015

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Flowers of Mount Tomorri


    Albanian Tourist has added another hiking and 4x4 ride for Albanian tourism near Berat, Albania. Mount Tomorri is a special place in Albanian folklore and as a worship area for Albanian Muslims. For visitors it offers a unique opportunity rich with rural Albanian life, mountain flora used for tea, great exercise if desired, and much more! (Note: Many visitors believe the high mountain tea has healing properties. Please inquire about this special tea!) Come and join the fun!

Contact Us: Mount Tomorri Tours

Date: June 2015

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Found A Campsite in Pogradec!


     ARBI is a great camping and tenting area. We encourage all travelers to land here if driving a camper van or bringing tenting supplies to Albania. The grass is soft, the drinks are cheap, and it's 5 meters from Lake Ohrid! Additionally, ARBI has a 20 meter strip of sandy waterfront lounging which is great for relaxing!

     You can find ARBI by continuing the shoreline drive, 5 minutes past the city of Pogradec (towards Korçë).

Location: Pogradec

Date: May 2015

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New Motorcycle Tourism Guesthouse


     We are proud to announce that Albanian Tourist has added another Albanian guesthouse to our Motorcycle Adventure Trail. This guesthouse is in South-Central Albania and accessible by way of Berat, Albania. Sites around this location are rural Albania and close proximity to Mount Tomorr's peak. Additionally it is recommended for experienced travelers as accommodations are very basic. If this excites your travels, we welcome all adventurous riders to give this a try!

Location: Poliçan

Date: April 2015

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Guesthouses of Gjirokaster


    More and more of Albania is opening up for tourism! Gjirokaster is becoming a hub of tourism for those venturing to Southern Albania. Albanian Tourist has spent a week in Southern Albania working with guesthouses to prepare them for steady tourism. Full amenities will await the adventurous Albanian traveler!

Contact Us: Albanian Tourism

Date: March 2015

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Hidden Albanian Tourism!


    We have once again found more "off-the-tourism-path" experiences for our Albanian guests. Our strong initiative for unique places to visit in Albania involves meeting rare and hard to reach areas. Please contact us if desiring immersed, rural Albanian tourism experiences!

Contact Us: Albanian Tourism

Date: February 2015

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The Beauty of Winter Time


    Winter tourism in Albania is a fascinating way to see the country. Falling leaves bring light to previously shaded areas, fresh winter snow blankets majestic Northern Albania, and cooler days draws "another side" of Albanian culture. Bring your warm jacket and join the adventures of sight-seeing, walking tours, and unique guesthouse stays!

Contact Us: Albanian Tourism

Date: December 2014

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Medical Tourism in Albania!


     Albanian Tourist is proud to announce representation of private medical services in Albania. We deal exclusively with internationally accredited and recognized institutions in Albania. Please use the link below to research some of the high quality and low-cost procedures Albania offers!

Albanian Tourist: Medical Tourism

Date: September 2014

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Summer Fest of Albania!


     Summer Fest Albania 2013 has begun! 1,000s of Albanians have gathered in their respective cities to enjoy popular Albanian comedians, dance stars, folk singers, pop singers, and even Miss Albanian models. If not in Albania for the tour this year, Summer Fest Albania 2014 has already been planned!

Location: Multiple Cities of Albania

Date: July/August 2013

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