Have only 1-2 weeks in Albania?


Northern Albania - 2 to 3 days

     People fond of scenic mountains view, hiking, ferry rides, and being off the "beaten path" should pursue Northern Albania. This tourism favorite includes the spectacular village of Thethi and its waterfalls, gorges, short and long hiking trails, centuries old homes, and a true feel of isolation from the expanding world. (The journey to reach parts of Northern Albania involves a hired 4x4 mini-bus or jeep with a duration between 4-6 hours depending on sight-seeing and stopping to eat at a delicious, local restaurants.) Also, don't forget to make a trip up or down Lake Koman! This ferry ride includes a water voyage few in the world have seen!


Albanian Coastline - 2 to 3 days

     For those desiring beaches, Albania has coastline from Northwest to its Southwest; Velipoje, Durres, Vlore, Borsh, Saranda, to Butrinti. There are pebbles covered beaches, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, deserted beaches, "local" beaches, "private" beaches, "touristy" beaches, "hike-to" beaches, "Italian-Holiday" beaches, and beaches with full amenities like childcare, shopping, clubs, jet skis, etc.

Beach Information:

Dhermi Beach - Great for Restaurants, Clubs, and nice Hotels.

Llogara Beach - Have an adrenaline rush with a Parachute or Paraglide.

Himara Beach - Heavily influenced by Greek culture and language.

Saranda - This city/beach area is the most developed with fast ferry transport to the island of Corfu.


Albanian Castles for Castle Lovers! - 3 to 6 Days

     Castles of Albania are a specialty for castle enthusiasts. Many Europeans castles have undergone "beautification" and lost their heritage however Albanian castles have not and still hold inhabitants. Even today, Albania is known for having "One of the Last Living Castles" with daily lives still taking place inside! Locations of Dubrovnik, Croatia or mostly Western Europe have residents only for tourism.

Tirana - Capital City - Peza Castle

Shkoder - Rozafa Castle

Lezhe - Lezhe Castle - Birth place of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg.

Kruja - Kruja Fortress

Berat - Berati Castle - A 2,500 year old UNESCO Heritage site. (2 days in Berat is adequate.)

Gjirokastra - Gjirokastra Castle - A gigantic castle with scenic views of greater Gjirokastra, captured and used WWII weapons on display, a beautiful clock tower, and numerous rooms and hallways for exploring.