Andiamo a Valona!!!

Let's go to Vlora!


By Eneleida Bojaxhiu

          I love, love, love spending time in Vlora. It's the second largest port in Albania which connects me to beautiful places like Italy. Also many things are exciting to see like the fishermen and their catch, the new businesses as Vlore is the start of the Albanian Riviera, and obviously the beaches and cafes!!!

          On a typical day I enjoy walking along the beaches early morning and hearing the water against them. Around breakfast time I always get a delicious espresso at the 100s of cafes and mingle with friends passing by. After an hour or so of relaxing (on a non-working day of course!) I walk or ride a bicycle along the many shops and shopping plaza to find new, fun clothing. After this I either go for a short hike, read a book next to the crystal clear Adriatic waters, or sunbathe!

          As for nightlife, Vlore has lots of dancing. So many clubs are open on the water's edge and the warm breeze makes the night perfect. Vlore is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy life!

  Vlore Beach Cafe