Mangalemi Quarter

     The Mangalemi quarter, better known as the "City of 1000 Windows", dates back centuries to the Ottoman ruling period and the architectural elements of each home clearly illustrates this. If one was to compare the ancient construction of the Mangalemi quarter to present day, residential architecture, the differences of highly placed windows to slow intruder advances, stairwells winding particular directions to allow sword strike advantage for the owner, and animal storage areas would be found.

     The Mangalemi quarter is a sister neighborhood to the Gorica quarter across the Osum River below. One of the pleasures the Mangalemi quarter holds over the Gorica quarter is exposure to the sun. During the winter the Gorica quarter is hidden in shade, which is a benefit in the hot summertime, however a significant disadvantage in winter.


Touring Time: .5 hours

Recommended Sights:

  1. Walk through the maze of Ottoman houses and marvel at the energy used to live on a hill.
  2. Observe the height of the windows so intruders need to scale the home.
  3. Enjoy a sunset with an Albanian refreshment on any restaurant's veranda.

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