Archaeological Museum of Durres

     The Archaeological Museum of Durres is a great place to observe Durres life thousands of years ago. Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine artifacts give a sense of how much foreign influence Durres had received at each period. The labeling of the Museum is in native Albanian and Internationally recognized English.

Greek Section: Large display of (remaining) Terra-cotta faces/bodies with artifacts revealing a city worship of the Greek goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Additionally, and for coin enthusiasts, ancient Durres minting was prevalent and valuable enough to have coins found in Romania.

Roman Section: A plethora of artifacts from the Roman period abound in Albania. The museum holds engraved tombstones, a kiln for baking clay, and artifacts from the Via Egnatia like special milestone markers.

Special Note: Many of the artifacts in the Archaeological Museum have been recently found. Additionally many artifacts have been located by construction workers and farmers digging into the earth for growing Albania!

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