"Hi! I'm Morena Dyli"


          I'm 22 years old and pursuing studies for geography in Tirana. Foundations of the earth and fauna and flora are exciting things to learn and see. Our expeditions help us to better understand and enjoy our lessons. Psychology attracts me too, and often I read in my free time.

          Tirana gives a lot of alternatives to do for a student during the week. The lake of Tirana is a nice place to walk, bike and run to keep yourself in shape. There are a lot of gyms and hiking groups around Tirana. Other pleasure are theaters, opera, and cinemas. You can find them easily and are very fun when I go with my friends.

          History is another topic that you can explore here. The National Museum is here and sometimes just walking in old streets of Tirana makes me feel that I live in past times.

          Youth loves dancing and songs. Usually I go with my friends on weekends or for Birthday parties to dance in clubs. There is a place in Tirana called “Blloku” that is filled with bars, clubs, Irish pubs, and restaurants for youths. Karaoke is so interesting and very popular here. Live music in special occasions or bars is becoming more and more frequented by locals.

          Besides my studying and other stuff, I have my hobby. Singing is very important for me and I try to be part of Albanian singers. Last year I launched my first song “ Rruges time” that speaks for lonely people that should love each other because life is too short.

     Traveling is a big dream too. This world has so much history, cultures, places, and people that I want to explore. May be one day... I think we all should travel and find the beauty of life everywhere. All should come and see Tirana!!

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