Bridge of Gorica

          Bridge of Gorica is located in the city of Berat. The bridge's primary purpose is to connect the neighborhood of Gorica, over the Osum River, with the beautiful Mangalemi quarter and adjacent neighborhoods. The bridge, originally built of wood in 1780, at the time of Ahmet Kurt Pasha (Pasha: high rank in the Ottoman Empire political system), was rebuilt with stone during the 1920s-1930s. Additionally, local folklore tells a tale that Gorica Bridge used to house a dungeon in which a girl or woman was trapped without food for sacrifice to appease spirits which protected the bridge.

          The architecture of Gorica Bridge holds 7 stone arches, has a length of 129.3 meters, width of 5.3 meters, and height (average) of 3.5 meters.

Gorica Bridge Events:

January 7th - Orthodox "Cross Tossing" into Osumi River


Berat: Berat, Albania