Thethi Tourism Ambassador

gjon shpella thethi tourism ambassador

Gjon Shpella


Welcome to Thethi

     Hi, I am Gjon and I live in the most natural part of Albania. Thethi, a region famous for it's fresh rivers, mountain air, hiking trails, and unspoiled nature, is where my family has their roots. (My family had lived a simple life and farmed the land by hand for our meals.) Today we love to share the Thethi National Park with all travelers who make it through the mountainous passes and valleys!


     I have enjoyed 10+ years of guiding in Thethi and Valbona. My mother and I started a guesthouse many years ago when adventurous travelers would join Albanians returning to Thethi on mini-buses from cities 3-5 hours away. I can say the travelers brought as much excitement to us as we brought to them in Thethi!

Favorites of Thethi

     Choosing favorites of Thethi is so difficult for me! In the winter there is complete isolation with beautiful panoramas of nature with heavy snow and frozen waterfalls. In the spring, summer, and fall Thethi National Park is full of natural life with clear water streams from the waterfalls, gorges to pass over on bridges, flowers blooming, and friends and family farming by hand under the warm sun. Also guiding travelers from around the world through Thethi National Park is a dream job of great experiences!