Berat Tourism Ambassador

bona xhafa berat tourism ambassador

Bona Xhafa


Welcome to Berat

     Hi, I am Bona and I would like you to experience this beautiful and historical city of Berat, Albania. It will be a pleasure to be your guide in Berat as it is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and a treasure of Albania!


     I have enjoyed 8 years of guiding in Albania independently and with government projects. Clients have ranged from New Zealand to Canada. I first starting guiding for Balkan tourists and have built a respective following around the world. I love my work!

Favorite Places of Berat

     I My favorite areas of Berat are similar to what tourists are seeking. The 2,500 year old castle, the Mangalem quarter, Ethnographic Museum, and the everyday life of the people of Berat. Berat is a magical place with so many beautiful and historic places!